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Dos And Don’ts In Training A Chihuahua At Home

Training a chihuahua at home is preferred by many owners. It is because they are able to monitor their chi’s progress. Well, you can also train your pup on your own. Just read this article to know its dos and don’ts.


Establish your authority over your chihuahua. This is crucial and important. It is because chihuahuas like other dogs are pack animals. This means that these animals used to live with many others and one should stand as a leader. So, between the two of you, establish your authority over her before she can establish hers.

Teach your chihuahua housebreaking. This is also called potty training. This is to teach her of proper disposal. Bring her outside to potty. Training a Chihuahua about housebreaking needs keen observation in order for you not to end up cleaning her mess inside the house.

Teach your chihuahua obedience training. This includes the basic commands and crate training. Teach her the commands sit, down, stay, and heel for obedience and for you to easily control her actions. Also, teach her crate training. The crate is considered as her room where she could sleep and sometimes eat. There are also toys inside to keep her company.

Get your chi to socialize with people and other canine breeds. Training a chihuahua to socialize help her get used to different stimuli without getting stressed out. Also, this will lessen her aggression.

Reward and praise your chihuahua for every job well done. This is a good motivation for your chi to do more for you too. This makes her do her best for the sake of the treat. Eventually, she will make everything you expect from her.


Do not tolerate your chi for obsessive behaviors like jumping, biting, whining, growling, and barking. Though these are common behaviors for your chi, you still need to teach her the proper time and situation when to do so. Obedience training is advisable for this issue.

Do not punish your chi for a mistake done. This is one of the mistakes committed by some owners which eventually make their chi stay away from them.

Do not leave your chi anywhere in the house or yard. This might get your chi in great trouble with your neighbors. This can also give big space for your chi to get naughty by chewing your cushion and pillows.

Do not always cuddle and carry your chihuahua. She might get used to it and refuse to walk by herself. Instead, teach her to walk with a leash and collar around her neck.

Training a chihuahua also needs fun and game. Chihuahuas as toy dogs love to be cuddled. They love to be with their owners. So give your chi sometime of bonding together in order not to make her get bored.

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