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Golden Retriever Lab Mix – The 3 Things That You Can Expect From This Hybrid Dog

Too many people believe that the only good dogs are those that come with papers and pedigree. There are others that are open-minded and realize that some mixes go very well together. A Golden Retriever lab mix is one of those combinations. If you aren’t aiming for the show ring, you can find a great family pet with this mix.

All dog breeds are unique. There are certain traits that are very predictable with some breeds. If you are looking for energy in your dog you may consider a terrier. They don’t seem to ever slow down. If you are in search of a laid back pooch, perhaps one of the hounds may be your choice. Perhaps a mix of the two may be your choice. The same characteristics can be found in the Golden Retriever lab mix.

The intelligence of a Golden Retriever may be important to you and often carries into the golden lab mix as well. Labs are intelligent and goldens exceed them in that particular category. A dog with this mix will be very intelligent and very curious. Knowing that curiosity can be a boon and a downfall, think for awhile before you make your decision. Dogs learn with their eyes, ears and mouth. Knowing how it tastes may require a bit of chewing. If you are not there for lengthy periods, this may not be a good choice.

Temperament is another positive trait of both breeds. The Golden Retriever mix will have a calm, mild and attentive temperament. If you chose to cross a lab and Rottweiler, you may not always have a predictable temperament. Although some may be mild and kind, others can be hostile at times and you would have more difficult time controlling them.

One trait that is obviously predictable is size. Golden Retrievers and labs are fairly close in size. You will have a large dog who believes they are a lap dog. Their color is predictable as well. This is especially true if you are mixing a golden and a yellow lab.

If you are searching for a dog that has the qualities of a golden and a lab, the Golden Retriever lab mix may be exactly what you and your family may be enjoy. As young dogs they will be very active. They are perfect companions for a workout or a quiet night at home as they age. The task of training them to be what you want them to be is up to you. You need to assume the role as pack leader the day you bring your Golden Retriever lab mix into your home.

Websites such as petfinder.com may have some Golden Retriever lab mix puppies. Some of them are bred by accident and others are specifically bred due to the positive traits of both parents. Finding the right puppy is a task you can enjoy as a family. If you are not in the market for a puppy that has a couple of years of trials in store for you, you should consider the idea of an older dog. They will love a forever home and the love that you can give them.

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