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Help Your Chi Cope With Chihuahua Separation Anxiety

Chihuahua separation anxiety is a condition wherein your pet becomes stressed whenever you leave her alone at home. With this taken for granted, your chi may become destructive since this will make her resort to out of control barking, biting, whining, or chewing. Chihuahuas’ social nature is one factor why these dogs develop this condition. They are afraid to be left alone. Thus, it results to panic and will eventually make them behave abnormally just to get relief from the stress.

Chihuahua separation anxiety can be easily reduced given the proper attention and training. Like other canine breeds, chihuahuas need to be trained how to cope with the stress caused by separation. As a responsible owner, you need to exert effort and patience to help your chi become independent.

The best thing to do for your stressed chi is to engage her to obedience training. One important training to conduct is the crate training. This is used to make her company when you are not at home. A crate is something which she could comfortably sleep or play. This will make her secure.

In order to make her love her crate is for you to lead her into it. But first you have to teach her the basic commands used by several dog trainers to get their dog’s attention. These words are monosyllables like sit, down, heel, stay. You use these words to command her to go inside her crate.

However, if she won’t obey you don’t push her or shout at her. This will make your dog fear you. Instead, use some strategies to make her come inside. You can put some food inside to attract her. Just be patient with your dog. She will learn eventually.

Aside from crate training your chi, you also need other techniques to help her cope with chihuahua separation anxiety. Every morning at least 10 minutes before leaving for work, do not play with your pet. Just ignore her and go out of the house without giving her any attention. This is one way of telling her that it is no big deal if you’re going out and coming in the house. Also, when you arrive at evening, do not pat her immediately. Leave her for quite some time on her own. Then after a few minutes, call her attention.

Another important strategy to help your chi cope with chihuahua separation anxiety is to bring her for a walk in some public places. This will help her relieve from stress. By nature, chihuahuas are social animals. Therefore, making them confined in a closed place for almost all the time will stress them out. Exposing her to people and other dogs will make her enjoy.

It is very important to give some attention with your pet. They are almost similar to humans. They need a break. So, as a responsible owner, never let your pet taken for granted to avoid worsen chihuahua separation anxiety.

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