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Boxer Dogs – Your Strong And Energetic Companion

Boxer dogs are an ideal addition to any family or individual. They are incredibly energetic and sociable creatures and are perfect for those who lead an active lifestyle. As a breed Boxers are inquisitive and devoted to their owners so if you are looking for a loyal companion, these dogs are perfect match. Their loyal characteristics make them excellent watch dogs and protectors.

Even though these dogs are extremely lovable and loyal, they also require a fair amount of training. They are notoriously stubborn especially when it comes to training so be prepared to very patient. It is important to understand that boxers require a lot of exercise and without it may become bored and destructive. Therefore, it is essential to make sure that a Boxer dog is right for you and your family and that you will be able to look after it properly before making a decision. This is only fair for both you and the animal.

The Boxer breed has been around since the 19th century and is thought to have been developed in Germany. Boxers are thought to have descended from a warrior breed of old fighting dogs known as Assyrian Molossian. This dog was notoriously strong and fearless and was often used in battles.

The breed was very popular in Germany in the early stages of development and was known as the Bullenbeisser. The dog was mainly used to hunt and pin down a bull, bear or boar due to its strength and powerful build. The Boxer dog of today is still celebrated for its powerful build and the name “Boxer” was given to the dog as it was known to paw at the ground when playing.

As well as being extremely strong and energetic, Boxers are also a humorous and intelligent breed who just loves to play. They like to be involved in whatever their owner is doing so be prepared to have a constant companion when you choose a boxer. Don’t let the breed’s fighting background put you off, even though Boxers are known for their strong build in actual fact they act just like energetic puppies! This means you need to be prepared to bring home a pet that will jump up on people, will play with other dogs and can chew through just about anything if bored! In order to counteract the destruction, it is important to provide your Boxer dog with full obedience training from an early age if possible, and stick with it. Also provide your dog with plenty of dog chews and dog toys to keep your pet entertained and away from chewing the sofa.

Boxers are really sociable so if you have other pets in the home already it shouldn’t be a problem. They are also great with children, but be warned they can get quite boisterous in play and may knock a small child over so always supervise play. These dogs can be quite distrusting of strangers and it is this that makes them excellent guard dogs, they are also very protective of their owners.

It is important to keep your boxer entertained as much as possible as they can be quite destructive if left alone. Make sure you are taking them for plenty of walks on a regular basis and if possible, spend a lot of time with them as they are prone to separation anxiety. If you don’t have lots of spare time to spend with your Boxer then may need to reconsider your choice. Boxer dogs tend not to make great first time pets as they do require a lot of attention and training. That being said, if you do have the time to devote to your pet you will be rewarded with plenty of affection and companionship. Remember that while Boxers are a handful, the rewards they will provide you with are priceless!

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