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Pet Food – Select the Right Food for Your Dog

People who are unsure of the quality of ingredients used in the food that they give their pets can make food for their animal friends at home. Many people prefer making food for their pet at home after many well-known pet food brands have recalled their products from the market. While some people argue that home food is best for pets, others are of the view that ready-made food is good for pet if it is given after consulting the vet. If you are planning to make dietary changes, make sure you do it slowly to avoid upsetting the digestive system of your pet. Also, make sure you keep changing the ingredients as it helps in fulfilling the dietary requirements of your pet.

Some experts are of the view that canines must be given bones as most wild canines are able to digest the bones easily. When wild canine eat raw bones they consume hide and hair which acts as padding and allows the bone to pass. If you have a dog at home, it is best that you avoid giving them cooked chicken bones as it can accumulate in their digestive system. However, the effect of other cooked bones on the digestive system is not yet clear.

After the recent pet food recalls many people for searching for recipes that meet the dietary requirements of their animal friend. Most people prefer giving food that has the right combination of proteins, minerals, fats and carbohydrates. Earlier most people believed that meat was the best diet for canines. However, this view has changes and many experts are now recommending that you give dogs a mix of plan-based food and meat.

Even though dog food market is a huge market, not many people have researched the benefit of one type of diet over other diets. Most pet food manufacturers claim their brand to be the best without providing proof to support their claim. Some experts claim that giving your pet a combination of homemade and canned food is good for their health. Most canine foods that are available in the market have high protein content but don’t have enough amino acids. When you give them homemade food that contain most vital amino acids, your pet will be healthy, have bright eyes and shinny coat.

If you don’t have time to prepare food for your dog, you can buy premium commercial food from the market. Most premium dog food brands are expensive but they have all the minerals, vitamins, fats and protein that you pet needs.

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