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Dealing With Leash Frustration

Leash Frustration

It’s best for your dog to avoid all together encounters by teaching him to ignore other dogs completely when walking on leash, unless specifically stopped on cue, told to sit, and stay and wait for permission to approach and greet. The absolute more problematic, most difficult ways for pets to meet and greet is on leash.

Your pet should learn that when he’s on leash, he should walk past and ignore other dogs. There is no need for your leashed dog to learn how to greet other dogs politely, successfully, or at all. As long as he can ignore other pets, he does not need to be able to GO UP to another dog and introduce himself politely or in a playful manner in order to be a good canine citizen.

Dogs, who behave like out of control monsters don’t need more socialization with other dogs. They need to be taught-actively taught how to ignore them. This will not happen naturally, and dogs don’t just get used to seeing other canines as it has to do with the leash. Dog has no fight or flight so it becomes frustrated turning it into aggression. Practicing the lunging and barking over and over will make him worse.

Train before meals you want him to be hungry and ready to work. You need to do something with him it might as well be work.

? First you need to teach a desirable alternate behavior. So it can’t be just the absence of the bad behavior, dogs don’t understand voids.

? Dogs need active behaviours they can perform in place of bad behaviour. If your dog could act naturally and calmly around other dogs he would. But he can’t so it must be taught in the quiet of your own home and yard, without distractions.

? The new behaviour must be ingrained into your dog’s head for at least two weeks before expecting him to be able to listen to you in the presence of another dog.

Once a dog’s mind passes a certain level of arousal, he can’t hear you, he is adrenalized, everything is oblivious except the other dog. At his peak he is deaf, will not eat treats and does not feel any tugging on the leash. He has become possessed. He can’t learn a new behavior at his peak of arousal; his learning environment needs to be your yard absent of any distractions.

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