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Making the Frisbee Interesting When Training

How to make the Frisbee interesting

Looking for a challenge for you and your dog, while building a stronger bond interacting with you canine friend. Why not teach you dog how to play Frisbee a go?

Here are some tips that will guide you on how to create your Frisbee dog. An excellent way to create a positive experience is to feed meals on the disk, this makes the disk relevant and teaches your dog that good things happen when the Frisbee comes out. I recommend you use the plastic disk for this part of the training, we will move to a soft Frisbee later on.

Though some dogs are fine with plastic disks, I find most prefer the soft ones that are now available. Whether your dog will choose using a soft or hard disks we begin with the plastic ones and change to soft ones when we begin teaching throws.

1. Another way to get your dog excited is to play tug with a soft disk or a rubber disk.
2. Moving the disk back and forth on the ground will also increase your dog’s interest in the disk.
3. Another way to build interest is to slide it along the floor a short distance for your dog to retrieve.
4. Rolling the plastic disk on its back by flicking it is yet another way to build interest, rollers also teaches your dog the proper way to grab the disk.

Games to help build interest in the Frisbee

Can I play too game? Play Frisbee with another person, your dog should be running back and forth, pretend to miss a few times allowing your dog to get the Frisbee.

It should be me game; you can also build your dog’s interest by letting your dog watch while you play with another dog. This usually gets an immediate response to want to play.

Catch me Frisbee game; to play this game you’ll require that the disk be attached to a leash, by clipping the clasp of the leash to the disk. Then run away from your dog playing keep away with the disk. You’re trying to excite your dog’s chasing instinct and develop interest in the toy.

The revved up disk chase; Crouch next to your dog while facing in the direction of the dead Frisbee, that’s the Frisbee you placed 25 yards away on the ground. While holding on to your dog to hold him back say ready, set, go releasing your dog on the go trying to beat him to the Frisbee which you won’t. Now that you have built drive for the Frisbee it’s time to teach him how to play the game.

How to teach your dog to catch the Frisbee

My favourite time of year to teach throws is in the winter, I always seem to wait for the snow to make this game even more fun in the beginning stages.

Step one; teaching your dog to catch a stationary Frisbee. Hold the Frisbee in front of your dog at nose level and encourage your dog to get it.

Step two; teach your dog to catch a moving Frisbee. Hold the Frisbee out in front of your dog at nose level encouraging him to get it while moving it away from him.

Step three; teach your dog to catch a flying disk; Hold the Frisbee out above your dog’ head, then bring it down to the dog’s level while moving it away and encourage your dog to get it when it’s within his catching range. This teaches your dog to catch the Frisbee in a safe manner.

Short throws; encourage your dog to get the Frisbee but this time you’re going to let go of the Frisbee so your dog catches it in the air.

Short distance throws; when throwing the disk it’s important to throw it out in front of your dog’s running patch.

Long distance throws; once the dog understands the game he will start looking back at you to see where you’re going to throw the Frisbee.

Teaching a good foundation will allow you to be successful. Building drive is an important facet of this game. Don’t be in a hurry, take the necessary time to build drive; the years of fun you’ll both have will be returned tenfold.

The Go Around

Go around is an important cue to teach your dog, it not only looks cool but it sets him up in a position where you can easily throw the Frisbee for him. To teach go around, simply lure your dog with the Frisbee from the front to the back of you and back to the left side. The saying that those who play together stay together couldn’t be truer than in the case of a dog.

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