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Dog Treat: Greenies Pill Pockets

Anyone who’s ever tried to give their pet medicine knows how difficult it can be. After the first try your pet figures out that it’s you against him, and guess who will win most of the time. Afterall, he’s got four legs to struggle with, and probably some claws and teeth… you only have two arms and you’re far too polite to bite.
But we have one advantage: We’re more clever, and downright sneaky.

So wouldn’t it be nice if there was a dog treat in which we could cleverly hide that yummy medicine without any of the smell eeking out so our little friends (you know, the ones with the good sense of smell) had no idea there was medicine in there?

Thank goodness for products like Greenie’s Pill Pockets.

Greenies makes a dog treat called Pill Pockets, which is just that… a treat with a pocket so you can hide medicine inside. You can hide a nutritional supplement, tablet or capsule of medicine.

Greenies Pill Pockets come in beef and chicken and there are treats for both dogs and cats. They also come in an Allergy Formula for dogs that have allergies.

Pill pockets come in two sizes. The large size fits most capsules and the small size fits most tablets. They also contain vitamins C & E to promote a healthy immune system.

Giving pills doesn’t have to be a negative wrestling match anymore. Remember, you only have two arms and they have four legs. When you use Pill Pockets to give your medicine, medicine time becomes positive, not negative.

To be even more clever than clever, give your pet Greenies Pill Pockets at other times when you’re not giving medicine, and use the pill pocket dog treats for training as you would use other treats. Reason? The Pill Pockets are less likely to become associated with medicine. You don’t want to risk that because as soon as your pet figures out that Pill Pockets are associated with medicine, it’s game over and you are back at the disadvantage — again, with only two arms wrestling with four legs, claws and teeth.

Before Pill Pockets, even those of us who tried to bury our medicine tablets of capsules inside moist food or a moist treat found that it usually only worked the first time. Unfortunately, that didn’t work well much of the time because pets can smell the medicine, which inevitably would permeate the treat as it went in. And once they figure out they can’t trust the treats, they just don’t work anymore.

With it’s helpful pocket you have the ability to simply pinch the pocket closed so there is no smell of the medicine on the outside of the treat. That gives you the advantage in the war of our furry children trying to they don’t get their medicine while we desperately try to make sure they do.

Every once in a while a product comes along that makes life a little easier. If you have pets and give them medication, this is one tricky but wonderful product that makes giving medicine easier.

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