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Dog Accessories – Choosing The Proper Essentials

Having the proper pet accessories is an essential part in caring for your dog. Even though your dog might be fun to play with, he is not a toy. Having a pet means a lot of attention and care. Accessories for your pet are not just fashion type items, but are also items that keep your pet from being harmed in harsh elements. If you never had a pet, then you may get easily overwhelmed, but buying accessories for your pet is fun and can be really satisfying. Here are some tips on how to choose accessories for your pet:

Dog Collars

Dog collars come in a variety of styles, so whichever one you like is up to your choosing depending on your dog’s size. The majority of dogs use a traditional nylon or leather dog collar. The collar should sit high on your pet’s neck, but not too loose where it can slide down near the top of his shoulder blades. You also want to make sure that it is not loose enough for your pet to slip it over his head. It is recommended that you should be able to get at least 2 fingers wide in between the dog’s neck and the collar itself. It is also important to make sure you have a name tag attached to the collar.

Dog Leash

Choosing a leash is pretty easy, but you do want to keep in mind that you choose a leash that is sturdy enough to support your dog. After all, the leash is also a training tool for your dog. It allows you to communicate to your dog what you’d like for him to do. The standard dog leash is usually 6 feet and consists of leather or nylon, which is great for walks or basic obedience exercises. Nylon can be rough on the hands after extended use whereas the leather is more skin-friendly.

However, if your dog will be around water a lot, then the leather won’t last as long as the nylon one will. A retractable leash that can extend from 25 to 30 feet is useful for training a puppy or teaching the stay command. This type of leash isn’t suitable for keeping your dog under control. Whichever leash you choose, you’ll want to make sure you have a backup in case something unexpectedly happens. Leashes can break or get lost.

Food and Water Bowls

Choose a material that is right for you and your dog. A bowl made of stainless steel is versatile and durable, as well as toxin free. Plastic bowls are usually pretty durable as well, but might contain toxins. You especially want to be cautious if you have a puppy as they like to chew on the plastic edges. Ceramic bowls are nice, but keep in mind that it may break if dropped. Take into consideration the size and depth of the bowl in relation to the type of dog that you have. If your dog has a long snout, then you’ll want a deeper bowl as opposed to a shallow bowl, which would be more suited for a dog with a short snout. You want to choose a bowl that will not tip over easily.

Grooming Tools

All dogs will need grooming, but depending on what type of dog you have will determine what grooming accessories you’ll need. If your dog does not need that much grooming, so it probably has little hair, then a basic toolkit should be fine. This will consist of dog shampoo, dog clippers, dog toothbrush, dog toothpaste, dog brush or comb. If you have a dog that requires more maintenance, then you will need these tools along with a wider variety of brushes or combs.

Bristle brushes work well with most hair types. The bristles can vary from long to short and from soft to firm. Slicker brushes are used to break up tangles and mats in dogs with medium to long hair. Wire pin brushes are best for dogs with medium to long hair. Rakes and mat-breakers work best on dogs that have severe tangles and matting. You may have to use a combination of brushes in order for your dog to have the best benefit.

Dog Houses or Dog Beds

If your dog will be staying outdoors, then it is important for him to have suitable shelter from the elements. There are some things to keep in mind when you’re choosing a dog house. If you live in an area where your dog will need to be sheltered during periods of snow and cold temperatures, then you may want to consider a heated dog house. If you live in area where the climate is really hot, you may want to consider a dog house that is air-conditioned. Another option is to make sure the dog house is well ventilated and position it in the coolest part of your yard.

You want to make sure that the house is an appropriate size for the dog, so your pet will have enough room to comfortably move around in. You may want to consider a dog house that is made out of metal or plastic as it is easier to clean than one made out of wood. If your dog will be indoors, then it might be a nice idea to have a bed for him. This will be a place the dog can go when he gets sleepy or just wants to hang out. You want to make sure it is the appropriate size. Most of the time when you purchase a dog bed it will have what type of breed the bed is good for, so this shouldn’t be a problem. You want to make sure the bed is comfortable, easy to clean (washable), and durable.

Dog Toys and Treats

Last, but not least, toys and treats. Who doesn’t love getting toys and treats? Dogs are no different. There are a variety of toys that can be purchased and having a variety will be a good thing. This way it’ll keep your dog away from choosing a variety of his own within your house, like your shoes and slippers. You want to make sure that the toys and the treats are the correct size for your dog. Your dog will not be able to enjoy a toy if it is too small or too big.

These are most of the essential pet accessories you will need for your dog. There are plenty other items that you can purchase for your pet that can be tailored to your needs. If you want to make sure you have a happy and healthy pet, then you’ll want to have these items at the least.

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