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Most dogs and cats are creatures with incredible investigation skills.

Most dogs and cats are creatures with incredible investigation skills.

In a typical home environment, this curious, investigate nature can get your canine or feline companion into trouble.

Attention to your pet’s whereabouts in order to prevent injurya to your pet is part of a plan for responsible ownership of Pets.

Consider that each area of a home may contain particular dangers for a pet.
To follow is a list to start, but be sure to be considered individual environment is especially dangerous for your pet.


The garage is generally one of the most dangerous places for a pet, so it is best to make this a pet free zone.
In addition, err on the side of caution and places antifreeze, salt, and other chemicals in a PET safe container with security lock.

Keep sharp objects, such as tools, nails, etc. in a safe place.


Place all cleaning fluids, medications, and cosmetics out of your pet’s reach.
If they are kept in your cabinet, be sure to use child-resistant closures to prevent your kids from accidently opening the container or your pet using their legs to open them.

Waste baskets and trash cans should be kept securely covered.
Ideally, in containers that have a latch or lock mechanism.

Keep the toilet lid closed to prevent your pet from drinking potentially harmful cleaning chemicals.  Keep counters and tables free of all the food that your pet might find attractive.

Carefully check behind and under appliances (such as refrigerators) for any old pesticides or rodent traps.

Living and sleeping rooms: Do your best to protect all the cables and wires in your rooms to insure that your dog can not access them.  If not, your pet is at risk to get tangles in or chew on them.

Remove all other potentially toxic plants from home. You can ask your veterinarian for a thorough list. Put away craft and sewing accessories and toys that can be chewed and swallowed and cause serious damage.

Keep laundry and shoes behind closed doors (drawstrings and buttons can cause major problems if swallowed).  The paws of most animals are easily irritated by chemicals they come in contact with and your pet could accidentally swallow these chemicals by licking their paws.

Keep your pets away from lawns and plants treated with fertilizers and pesticides and consider using pet safe alternatives which will also be less risky for children.  Take care that your pet is not going over to your neighbor’s lawn, since it can absorbed what they are using to treat their lawns.

When walking your dog, keep an eye out for signs posted to alert you to potentially toxic chemicals which may have been used to treat area lawns.
As an added precaution, clean the dog’s paws after every walk and monitor playing time in the yard, making sure that your pet does not swallow anything toxic, such as some species of fungi, chemically treated grass, and some frogs.

It is best not to leave your dog unsupervised in the yard as doing so makes them more susceptible to become nuisance diggers and barkers.  Remember, a barking dogs may annoy your neighbors, also the pet may harass joggers, and sometimes, pets stolen from backyards if not properly supervised.

Also, take special care of your pet when unattended around the pool or lakes, where they are at risk of drowning.

If you think your pet may have ingested poison contact your veterinarian or animal hospital immediately.

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