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It has been a long day!

Well, this has been a long day.  The good thing is that I managed to keep myself out of trouble.  Everyone was out working, so Maya and I had the house all to ourselves, well almost. “Guess who has been blogging all day?”

I noticed that a new article was posted. Talking about blogs, you know, I have looked at Lucy’s Pet Store (a vendor/sponsor good friend of mine) and I have discovered that it has great stuff. You should take a look sometime, you will like what you see.  On the other hand, I don’t know if I like to recommend the Dog Training Secret Program. I must admit that I learned a lot and it was an excellent training source for a hyper, cute doggy like me, but I hate someone telling what to do, so I will let someone else tell you about it. You should read about it, it’s great training.

Anyway, everyone is sleeping so I think I am going to join them. I usually wait for everyone to go to sleep so I can sneak around and see what food items they left outside, but tonight, nothing, not even a small piece of cheese or something. You know, the people in this house are getting real bad, don’t they know that dogs like to eat a snack at night time!

Good night all!


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